The “Brighter Day” music video is OUT NOW ON YouTube via the link below!

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“Brighter Day” is a song about never giving up, even when life feels overwhelming, when the issues of the world seem impossible to fix and when your heart feels like it’s being ripped into pieces…”Don’t give up.”

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I wanted to create a clip that would inspire clarity of purpose during these troubled times, to keep fighting for what you believe in, for equality/equity, for people, the planet, justice, hope, courage, for those you love, for those you never met before and for your own ease of heart and mind, and the commitment to find joy and connection through it all, even as the world around us seems to be completely broken.

So let out whatever pain, joy, dance, scream, sorrow, celebration, gratitude that you have inside that needs to breathe.  A “brighter day” means something different to everyone, social justice, an end to war, healing the planet, tenacity to get through the next moment of your personal journey, leaning in to help someone else, kindness or a smile, or just finding fun whenever possible, or a billion variations. I hope this song is there when you need it.