We are stoked that everyone has been digging our new “Life Is Better With You” line! In celebration of Valentine’s Day coming up on February 14th, we put together some “Life Is Better With You” inspired gifts (including our new Tuberose Scented Soy Candle) to share with the people who make your life better. THANK YOU for continuing to support the music and letting it represent in your home!


The Story Behind “Life Is Better With You”

“And when I think about the things that we’ve been through, I know just one thing is true, life is better with you.”

A few years ago, when Sara and I were dating we had a great Valentine’s Day, followed by a not-so-great day after. We then spent the afternoon talking through it and by the end of the day, we felt closer than we ever had before.  I told Sara that even my worst day with her is better than any day I had before she was in my life, and out came the words, “‘Life Is better with you.”

I picked up the guitar and wrote the entire song right then.

My hope is this song continues to inspire gratitude through the ups and downs of all relationships ― between couples, parents and kids, friends and family members ― and makes us remember (and tell them!), that even in the downs, life with them is better.