A few months ago I discovered a new artist on Instagram named Victoria Canal. She’s a 19-year-old singer/songwriter, pianist, guitarist and ukulele player who lives in NYC. I loved her voice and was moved by her inspiring songs and daily positivity. I like her music so much I invited her to come to Nashville and write and record a song with me for the next album. We wanted to write a song that would speak to the need for healing in this divisive world we are living in and between her, Ben Simonetti, Niko Moon and myself, the collaboration ended up being something special that we are all very proud of.

I’ve invited Victoria Canal to open our Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre show with Xavier Rudd on June 1st! There will also be a massive Soulrocker group yoga class before the show that I’ll be playing acoustically at that will benefit the non-profit Sara Agah Franti and I co-founded, Do It For The Love. It’s gonna be an amazing experience!  RED ROCKS TICKETS NOW ON SALE!