I had knee surgery at the end of October and since that time it’s been a long journey back. My knee was way more damaged than I expected it to be and that has made getting my strength and flexibility back a much slower process than when I had surgery two years ago. I’m grateful to have had the past two weeks to really focus on it and am now looking forward to the months of rehab ahead.

People often ask me how I have the energy to run through the venues singing or jumping on stage night after night on tour. Well, it starts in December when I start training to get in shape for going on tour in the summer. It’s beginning to get more challenging each year and this one has been the hardest by far. Practicing acceptance of where my body is at, yoga, strength and cardio training these days just isn’t the same as it was when I was 20! Or 30 for that matter!

As I’ve taken each turn around the sun, my physical workouts have become more like spiritual journeys of how my body works and understanding when it needs to be pushed and when it needs to be nurtured.

Today, I reached a new understanding when I threw up mid-way through a HIIT workout after having a fever for the past couple of days. Not super cute to witness, but it taught me where my growing edge is right now and where I needed to pull back the reins a bit. Every day in the room has been a different experience internally; fears arise, insecurities, doubts and discomforts all pouring out in Bali humidity induced sweat storms.

“My milestones aren’t measured in miles, but in millimeters, moments and feelings.”

Learning to discern which ones to sit with and which ones to push through has been my process. Sure, I’m getting in a little bit better shape, drop by drop, but the thing I’ve been getting the most clarity about, is the importance of listening to all of the emotions and sensations, feeling where they are coming from in my body and being grateful for the lessons they bring me…even when they end up in a messy puddle on the studio floor.

On location at Soulshine Bali