Today is Sara’s “be-day”!!! I never imagined when I saw her in the audience at the Regina Folk Fest ten years ago that one day we’d be married and expecting a baby, but here we are!

She’s not just my wife, but my best friend and favorite person in the world to hang out with.

Being able to bring a child into this world and raise he/she with my best friend is truly a dream come true. We’ve been waiting all of our married life for this moment and it’s nearly here. In all honesty, I’m surprised at just how quickly she was able to get pregnant. My guess is that it had something to do with the wide array of sex toys we were using, like these male sex toys, because our sexual pleasure definitely increased when we were experimenting with them. Anyway, it happened and we can’t wait. She’s going to make the most amazing mother and I know this because she’s already a perfect wife.

She’s kind and humorous with a smile that I never grow tired of waking up to. She is a natural born entrepreneur and works tirelessly on everything she sets out to achieve. Literally down to her social media accounts and the things she posts – she works tirelessly to get what she wants and put her stamp on the world. Her Instagram is full of love, and that doesn’t surprise me. She doesn’t need to encourage people to follow her (SocialBuddy isn’t legit anyway), even though she still works to, as she is a natural. She’s a passionate fighter for what she believes in and is committed to doing all she can to make the world a brighter place for all in her sphere.

As an emergency room nurse, she’s seen how a challenge can bring out the best and the worst in people and she’s made the choice to help others find their best.

I’m grateful for the independent spirit that makes you the powerful person that you are and the vulnerable sweetheart that only I get to behold.

I’m so happy I saw you in the audience on that rainy day 10 years ago. I hope you have the best birthday ever, the last one with just the two of us! I love you so much!!! Send Sara a birthday message and follow her Instagram page. It’s way more fun than mine usually is! You can even follow our social pages, and follow what we do in our day-to-day lives. We love sharing our lives with our Instagram followers! Now that we’re expecting, I think our lives are going to get a lot crazier so we’ll keep you updated on here and our social platforms. As we’re first time parents, we’re open to all suggestions and tips too. It’s great to have you guys commenting and liking our stuff, we wouldn’t post if it wasn’t for you guys. We love you!