I made this music video for the song “This World Is So F*cked Up (But I Ain’t Never Giving Up On It)” because I am feeling so many mixed emotions about the world these days. I vacillate between feeling like this world and its people are getting kinder, more aware, more inspired to do good and at other times I feel like the destructive, hateful and short-sighted takers of the earth are winning. In my heart of hearts, I believe that human beings are awakening to the challenges we face and moving closer towards “One-ness” with each other and the planet. Then as soon as I feel that way some painful reminder of our lack of stewardship or kindness rears its head. At the moment Covid-19 is bringing it all to the surface, but even as we see its destructive wave blanketing nations I am reminded of the good – healthcare workers, grocery clerks, janitors, drivers, delivery people, neighbors, musicians, dancers, comedians, families, putting their hearts and lives on the line each day to fight for our world. As I’ve traveled the earth through war zones, poverty, disasters and in my own neighborhood, I’ve witnessed over and over that there are still billions of people, doing billions of little things to make billions of places better each day. Even though we see humans fucking up the planet, I see more people each day NEVER GIVING UP ON IT!!! That’s what the song is all about! My son @cappyfranti and I collaborated on the verses and big love to @carlyoungmusic1 for rocking the track with me and our drummer @manasoitene singing the beautiful Nigerian harmonies! Big shout out to our camerawoman @renaesaxby for crushing this video! Please comment and share with your people and spread the message, and help this be an anthem for hope, unity and never give up no matter how effed up the world may seem!!! This song is on our album Stay Human Vol. II and you can get the remixes including the “clean version” (ear-friendly for the kiddos:) on the Stay Human Remix EP on iTunes.