Beginning with my Mom, and now my wife Sara, my manager, business partner and all the women I work with every day, I continue to be surrounded by some of the most powerful women on the planet.

The exertion of power throughout history in most cases has been based on gaining strength by taking that power from someone else or from groups of people, through ego, scapegoating or force.

Throughout my life I’ve been inspired by women who’ve shown their way is different. It’s an innate strength to intuitively stand up for what’s right, for the truth, for the world’s children and the earth. To tap into something bigger than themselves and nurture everyone and everything around them simply through their presence. That strength is not just in “winning”, but in bringing about results in which everyone can share in the success.

I want to send a big shout out to women around the world who are standing up against violence, political tyranny and oppression of all types and are raising their voices for equity, our planet and smashing glass ceilings wherever they exist.

I honor the power of the women in my life and around the world and thank them for all the wisdom, fire and unconditional love they bring the world, reminding me what true power looks like every day.

Sara and I are traveling home today from Indonesia and send our love and support to all those raising their voices and kick ass signs in the streets of the world today!