Hey y’all! Sara and I are heading to our home away from home, Soulshine Bali for the holidays and our annual Soulrocker Yoga & Music Retreat from January 7-14, 2018 —we just opened up 4 new spots! I’ll be providing the live soundtrack as your all-levels yoga flow is guided by the super inspiring Gina Caputo. We’ll enjoy delicious organic meals fresh from the Soulshine Farm and daily trips around the island. This annual retreat is a mix of mindfulness and going deep through yoga, adventuring in Bali and taking time out to dance, celebrate life, connect with others and hit the reset button. Many people decide to take up yoga when they find themselves going through a tough time, as it allows them to get into the right headspace as well as being able to incorporate techniques that can help them to relax. This type of workout is something that is becoming more popular with people from all around the world. Being taught the relevant techniques in this type of practice can only be made possible through professional instructors who have been taught how to carry this out effectively, so their clients can receive a positive outcome. Some of these instructors may have decided to check out the best yoga teacher training india courses as after all, India was the birthplace of this workout. This retreat is the perfect place for people to attend if they would like to take time out of their lives to get into a positive mindset through the use of yoga, amongst the other activities that will be on offer. I can’t wait to see you there.

We’ll also be joining our friends from the Green School and some incredible local musicians for ‘Let Your Green Soulshine’ benefit concert on January 12, 2018 to support the Bumi Sehat Birthing Center and the Green School’s local sponsorship program. We hope you’ll join us in paradise at Soulshine soon Where Soulrockers come to play!